Die zehn wichtigsten Punkte für einen Unternehmer

Untersucht man, welches die zehn wichtigsten Prioritäten eines Unternehmers sind, tritt eine Reihenfolge zutage, die erst auf den zweiten Blick und mit viel Erfahrung verständlich ist.

Alfred E. Mann, äusserst erfolgreicher Gründer von mehreren Medtech-Unternehmen in der Region Los Angeles, sieht folgende zehn Punkte als die Topprioritäten für einen (Jung-) Unternehmer:

In my list the first and foremost ingredient is:


Capital is king. Don’t ever forget that. Capital is all to often difficult to raise even tor the best of opportunities. And raising enough capital is crucial to success. To emphasize this, I list my second ingredient as:


Indeed adequate capital is so very crucial to success, that again, I list my third important ingredient as:


But important as is Capital, more is needed tor success, and my next in line is:


We also must run the business, so my next need is:


We can manage the business, but who will actually carry out the operations? So my number 6 is:


As I will explain further, the quality of the statt is crucial, so my number seven is also:


Since without committed, loyal and competent people, success is difficult at best and usually not even achievable.

Now we come to the eighth item on my list, and finally we begin to address specific functions of the business. My next priority is:


And then my number 9 is:


and last on my list is the