‚Ideas with wings‘

Richard Aedy vom australischen ABC Radio hat in einer Sendungsserie das Phänomen ‚Innovation‘ näher untersucht.

In einem seiner Einleitungsartikel stellt er fest, dass Innovation hauptsächlich aus zwei Schritten besteht. Die Schwierigkeit besteht darin, dass beide nicht einfach und nur einer von beiden lustig ist.

Ich zitiere:

There are two parts to successful innovation and neither is easy. But the first part is fun. It’s called „having a brilliant idea“. The second part is not fun – actually it’s a complete bugger. It’s called „product development“.

The idea part is fun for several reasons. Firstly because the recipe for having a brilliant idea is simple. That’s simple, not easy.

Step One: Assemble a group of bright people from different disciplines with some overlapping interests and a common language.

Step Two: Stick them in a situation that encourages them to talk to one another. Often.

Step Three: Set them a series of goals but in a culture that allows failure, as long as it’s interesting failure.

Step Four: Refresh periodically. Remove some of the people – not all of them – and replace them with others.