Real-world projects don't run like an organized, Gantt-charted project plan

‚Real projects are chaotic: Missed deadlines, miscommunication, scope creep, new initiatives, new people in, old people out. This is why information needs to be centralized and archived. No more he-said she-said. No more forwarding 500 emails to a person who gets involved in the middle of a project. No more losing knowledge when someone leaves a project. With Basecamp it’s all there. All centralized, archived, accessible, date stamped, and labeled for clear accountability.‘

Die Firma Basecamp hat mit ihrem Projektmanagement-Tool einen neuartigen Lösungsansatz, der Internet-basiert ist. Ein Blick auf die Homepage zeigt Details. Mir scheint das Produkt einen Praxisversuch wert. Wer hat schon Erfahrung damit?